The iTero scan allows us to take a 3D impressions directly in the mouth. This latest technology is revolutionizing the dental world and allows better comfort for the patient. The scan is used for night guards, crowns, bridges, in-lays and Invisalign.

Minor Orthodontic

In our clinic we perform minor orthodontic intervention to correct minor dental problems such as overlapping dental spaces, correcting dental alignment and crossbite. We use removable braces and Invisalign treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd molars at the back of the dental arch. They appear in adulthood and can sometimes cause problems. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common surgical procedure from 18 years of age and beyond.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment consists of eliminating the vitality of a tooth. It can be performed to relieve an abscess or before the installation of a fixed prosthesis such as a bridge or crown. After a root canal treatment, the tooth is more fragile. A crown and a pivot may be required to restore the tooth.


A removable prosthetic (complete or partial) is made of an acrylic base on which prefabricated teeth are placed to replace the missing teeth and gums.


Discipline involving the treatment of all tissues surrounding the tooth. This includes the gums, bone, tissue surrounding the root (called « cement ») which contains the ligament (called « alveolodental ») connecting the tooth to the bone.


Following the insertion of implants, a fixed or removable prosthetic is placed on the implant to start being used by a crown, a bridge or a prosthetic.


An advantages of an inlay is to preserve the dental structure. It is possible to replace defective composites or amalgams. Gold is an outstanding material; it is durable, biocompatible and will not cause wear on opposing teeth. If you prefer a natural, white color, porcelain is also available for inlays.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is made of porcelain or metal and is placed on a tooth in order to restore it or to strengthen it. A bridge, otherwise known as a fixed partial prosthetic, is used to replace missing teeth and cannot be removed by the patient.

Pediatric Dentistry

Being first and foremost a clinic dedicated to family dentistry, we put great emphasis on education and prevention. It’s important to transmit healthy oral habits to our young patients, who we recommend seeing as young as 9 months of age.